Because no one wants a break down on the trail, we offer quality products. Many of our new saddles come with warranties from the manufacturer, and our consignments are thoroughly evaluated. 


We offer a range in prices to fit your needs and budget. We take less profit on our sales and instead provide you with greater options. 


We believe in making an honest living, so we operate at a lower profit margin and with personal integrity in our transactions.

Whether you like simple, clean lines, or have wild side style, we work to provide you with products to match you and your horse's personality.

Take a Journey Tack

A Small Business with Personal Service

Take a Journey Tack was founded  in Colorado in 2012 and owned by Tessa Carey. I started this business with the idea that everyone should be able to enjoy the journeys that can only be found on the back of a horse and the wonderful companionship that partnership provides. 

Our Products:

Take a Journey Tack

How we do it

In order to operate at a lower profit margin, and provide you with the best possible prices, we maintain a low, select inventory and drop-ship most product directly from our suppliers to you. This may take a little longer, but you get the best deal and brand-new items. Don't worry though, all of our prices include shipping costs already calculated. Email us for special deals!